Sunday, November 13, 2005

It's Sunday

My first entry turned out all right and I figured out how to enter a photo (I think), though not in my profile.

I don't think I mentioned I worked on a weekly newspaper, and my week definitely goes in cycles.
Monday and Tuesday are crazily busy, with me usually working 12-14 hours, to get all the stories finished, photos ready and paper layed out. I work short hours on Wednesday off -- sometimes taking the whole day off -- and then work 6 or so hours on Thursday and Friday, and an hour or two on Saturday if there's something to take a photo of or an event to cover. Sunday I sometimes try to get a head start on the week ... Tuesday we lay out the paper via Quark (layout program) and send the pages to Pendleton to be printed at the East Oregonian; its trucked back here Wednesdays.

Wallowa County (population about 7,000) is in the midst of building a new hospital and I covered the health district foundation's annual fundraising benefit dinner/auction last night; this year it's raising money for the new ER room. Last year the dinner raised over $50,000 and in the last 10 years its been $350,000.
Anyway it was sold out lots of people with lots of people all dressed up and pitching in for a good cause. Maybe I'll download a photo.

I have to write a column every other week, so maybe I'll start including them there after they appear in our newspaper.

Another thing going on this weekend is that two of the county's high schools' eight-man football teams were playing in state playoff games; it's the first time Joseph has made it to state since the 1950s, so it's a big deal (though I don't cover sports). Both teams won yesterday, and so eventually it's conceivable (though not likely) the two teams, Wallowa and Joseph, will meet in a game for the championship.

I'm the world's worst housekeeper, so today I was cleaning out a corner of my living room filled with newspapers and magazines. Have to start somewhere.

I want to thank Millie for being the very first person to view and comment on my blog!
I was thinking I would probably be writing it mainly to myself, as a personal journal, but she made me realize there may actually be an audience.

I used to keep a written jounal, and in re-reading it, I realized that it kept alive memories of years that would otherwise be lost to the passing of time. View from Eagle Cap will be a combination of personal and informational, I think. The freedom to meander anywhere I want without an editor is pretty liberating.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

End of the Road

This is the first time I've ever tried to set up a blog, so I really don't know what I'm doing.

I live in a small mountain community in Oregon that is truly at the end of the road, but that blog name was already taken (as was Lost Corner of America), so I ended up with View from Eagle Cap, the name of the wilderness area in my back yard.

I'm not sure yet how to create a profile my profile or to add a photo, but I guess that will come with time.

I am a baby boomer, with two grown children and one year-old granddaughter.

My daughter is married, still trying to get used to being a working mom and has always been goal oriented, a theater major who ended up becoming a CPA. She's very social, always in contact with a large network of friends, way too busy on too little sleep (for the past year, anyway). She keeps me involved in her life, and I love her for that and many other things. My son-in-law is a good match for Jenny, and my granddaughter Lily is as busy, smart and sweet as her mother was at that age.

My son is still finding his way in life, as I was at his age; he is a complicated mix (aren't we all): a self-styled theater and computer nerd, who finished advanced training in the National Guards three months ago, graduating as distinguished honor grad at the top of his class, repairing and networking computers and radios. In school he was a classic underachiever, top SATs in his class, C-plus average. Since then has become a vagabond, staying here and there in between drill weekends; plans to return to college ... sometime ... I think. Growing up as a video addict, he's a bookworm (fantasy) series, and only likes things like Simpsons, Family Guy and Spongue Bob Square Pants on TV.

Both my children are very nice, interesting people ... with an edge. Very, very different and very loved. They were both raised by me as a single mother and I can't help but think I did something right.

I personally drifted through life (ie., San Francisco Haight Ashbury, college at OSU, hitchiking, etc), until my daughter was born. Trying to decide coast or mountain, I settled into this mountain community 28 years ago. Of course, I never dreamed this would be my end of the road -- as in the place I decided to make final (perhaps) destination as a home.

I guess I'll end this for now to see how it looks.