Saturday, November 03, 2007

Double Grandma

Being the grandma of two little girls is twice as good as having only one granddaughter
Adeline Faith -- Addie for every day -- made her appearance on Monday, June 2, 2007, the day after I returned home in the wake of a week-long vacation basically spent waiting for her arrival.

Of course I had a lot of fun with granddaughter #1, going to a friend's birthday party at a kid's gym, discovering the library with her for the first time and of course coloring and doing crafts, her favorite. My daughter was very pregnant and somewhat crabby, but we had some good talks and though Addie chose to remain unborn, it was still a good time.

Grandma Carol and Grandpa Steve came the day after I left, so were there taking care of Lily during the time of Addie's birth. and I saw lots of photos.

Finally I met my new granddaughter during a long weekend at the end of August (her dad was in the Hood to Coast run!) She's fair skinned and blue-eyed and basically bald with the most darling chubby cheeks and a beautiful smile, a true darling.

Lily is very loving with her "stister" -- except when she suddenly gets too rough. I'm sure she can't wait until Addie can do more than drool and flop over when Lily holds her. She turned four months yesterday, so it won't be long. Jenny says she's discovered her hands.

Was in Tigard last for Lily's third birthday -- only five families (plus me and Uncle Matt) were invited, which meant a houseful. Lily loved her Dora castle, Dora furniture, doggy vet set, human doctor set, huge craft set, big play doh set and on and on and on. Addie loved being held and watching her "friends" (mobile animals in her swing chair or changing table).

Lily is full of life, mischievious, curious about the world, very well-behaved except when she's not, so smart and articulate, always on the go. Addie is still in many ways an emerging personality, so new to the world, but so very, very much loved!

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