Sunday, December 07, 2008

Getting ready for Christmas

Well, I took 196 photos yesterday for our next issue (we'll use probably six at the most) of: Fishtrap's Good Book Sale; Handcrafters Bazaar, including Santa with various kids and crying babies; Jingle thru Joseph elf at Lamb's Trading Post and photos of a mule-drawn wagon giving rides on Joseph Main St.; and the Enterprise Winterfest parade, featuring major farm equipment decked out with flashing lights and waving Santas. Whew!
Oh, I forgot a benefit flea market, across Enterprise Main Street from the courthouse in Stage One, where I picked up a few odds and ends; also bought $15 good books for $14.50. Last night instead of whipping my house into Christmas shape, I yielded to temptation and stuck my nose into one of the books, savoring a wealth of words.
Also did a tiny bit of Christmas shopping yesterday. I want to do most of mine in Wallowa County this year, to do my small bit for the local economy, though it's a little hard for Lily and Addie, since their holiday list is made up of Toy's R Us offerings; when I was a kid it was long lists from Montgomery Wards and Sears catalogues. So I also helped Black Friday at the mall and Target along on the day after Thanksgiving.
Speaking of the economy, all of a sudden after a fairly decent summer here despite high gas prices, there are a number of long-time business closing or about to close their doors. D & R Auto dealers (a biggie) and Radio Shack in Enterprise already bit the dust, and OK Theater is due to close at the end of December (personal issues of owners).
If anyone wants to own a great little historic movie theater, which has operated continuously since 1918, there's a gem in Enterprise. It has a couple of apartments and other business spaces attached, and has made brewers' yeast on popcorn a trademark of all kids raised in Wallowa County.
I digress. Getting ready for Christmas: I should finish my annual letter today, and this morning I bought a great $30 8-foot tree from the Joseph High School FFA chapter. Now I just need to re-arrange everything to make it fit in my living room. The Herman family decided not to get a tree this year, so this will be Lily and Addie's special Christmas tree. So I'd better get busy.
So far there's no snow in the valley, though it has reappeared on the mountain-tops. There's only 18 days left before Christmas!!!!

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