Friday, December 12, 2008

Snow in Joseph

I still don’t have my Christmas letter finished, my Christmas tree decorated (though it is up in the living room, the top touching my ceiling) or one present wrapped yet.
We did had snow Sunday night and Monday morning, so it is starting to look a lot like Christmas; though there are now big patches where my lawn shows through, there’s a storm on the way this weekend, so I’m hopeful that there will be snow when Lily and Addie arrive on Christmas Eve. I just hope the roads are decent -- sometimes it’s hard to arrange for both.
I remember some pretty hairy trips over to Pendleton and back for the holidays; no real accidents but I did slid into a snow bank a couple of times and recall some white-knuckle driving when I was in the middle of several years of an “icy roads phobia.”
That phobia followed an accident in the early 1980s when a 16-year-old girl slid into me and we both ended up on our tops (unhurt) in the ditch outside Joseph. She tried to pass me on black ice, and kept screaming “he’s going to kill me,” apparently referring to her stepfather and the fact she was late getting home.
Anyway, there’s a lot to do to get ready for Christmas yet, but I’m one of the top “do it at the last minute” champs of all time. I think that’s why I ended up in journalism, I work better and faster under extreme deadline pressure.
Most memorable happenings of the week (so far): Putting out our first paper under new editor Andy, a young but experienced newspaper man with a lot of ideas and enthusiasm for his new job. I’ve learned a lot from all three other new editors of the past five years, and I know there’s a lot to learn from our new fearless leader. Maybe this one will stay!
Another fun experience: Taking photos of the Joseph Elementary School Christmas Concert. Not only did I get some cute photos of a cute program (focusing in on Maddie Nelson and Austin Lynn, in their pajamas for a darling “Twas the Night Before Christmas” recitation/singing segment), but it brought back a lot of memories when my kids were up on that stage, year after year. As usual, there was a packed house of parents, grandparents and everyone else in town.


Lily and Addie make four said...

Mom, I remember both hitting the snow banks, and the elementary concerts well. I find it interesting that you focused your picture efforts on the my friends' children (and your friend's grandchildren) How neat! I hope you didn't get your bum on the video. That was my least favorite part of rewatching our class concert the next day, Maddie Nelson's mom saying "Jenny, that's your mom!" Blush. Even if you did get your caboose on this year's film, there's no one there to care. It'd be like a tree falling in the forest...
Love you mom!

Zanie said...

Now that my camera has a nifty zoom lens, I don't have to be quite so intrusive in the quest of perfect photos, so hope my caboose won't show up too often!!

Sorry about embarrassing you, Jenny, but you probably returned the favor a time or two.