Thursday, December 04, 2008

Back again

I can't believe it's been over a year since I wrote anything, a very eventful year.

Instead of the wild weather at the end of 2007, it's been extremely mild this fall, virtually no snow yet on the valley floor and no wild wind storm. Instead we've had a little fog, a little rain and some cold nights.

Jenny is now on blog spot with her blog, "Lily and Addie Make Four", after a couple years on It's a wonderful look at family life, from Jenny's unique viewpoint. She doesn't believe me when I tell her she's a wonderful writer, but it's true. Her ability to tell a story and condense experiences into words is what good writing is all about.
When I signed up to become a follower of her blog, lo and behold, a link appeared for my own old neglected "View from Eaglecap," a circumstance which inspired me to revise and add to the poor thing.

The most memorable happenings of the week: The arrival of our new editor (the last one was here less than a year) and the inauguration of "Lilly and Addie Make Four."

This weekend I'll be taking photos of Christmas stuff (like the Enterprise Winterfest Parade), getting an FFA Christmas tree Sunday and begin whipping my house in shape for a family Christmas in Joseph with the Herman family. I loved spending Thanksgiving with Lily and Addie (and Jenny and Lawrence and Matt) in Tigard, and am looking forward to their holiday visit.
Lily loves snow, so I hope it materializes in time. Joseph usually serves up a white Christmas, but there's no guarantee.
Oh, yes I have to finish my annual Christmas letter (which I will post here) and look for my left-over stock of cards from last year. I think there's a whole unopened box, somewhere.



Rose said...

Hi Aunt Elane, I am sorry I didnt know about your blog spot, I would and will be a faithful follower, but am a little to boring to write one of my own, I will enjoy yours!

Zanie said...

I'm glad to have a follower. Probably the reason you didn't know I had a blog is that I basically didn't tell anyone, and hardly ever wrote anything.

Jenny said...

You are too funny mom!